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Clan Vision

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:00 am

The main goal of our clan is to be extremely competitive in the Kingdom vs Kingdom (kvk) events.  To that end, we need to become efficient at the following:

1.  Communication. We need to communicate well within our clan.  This includes providing aid and helping others with strategy.  It will also be important to work together in kvk.  Many of us communicate via the Line app.  Look up PoobliuS in Line to get an invite to the group chat.  Always read clan wall and clan messages in game as leadership distributes important information through them.

2.  Minimize intra kingdom conflict.  We do not want to start needless wars with other clans within our kingdom.  This hurts both clans for kvk.  Avoid attacking members of strong clans. When they hit us, Badwolf works to resolve issues with other clans, but problems arise when members retaliate against instructions from our clan leadership.  Also never attack other people's troops at farms (tile hitting).  That is bad form and may start a war.

3.  Follow strategies documented in other forum posts to maintain a strong army and preserve resources so we can kick ass in kvk.


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