Resource Management

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Resource Management

Post by Admin on Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:46 am

1.  Never hold more resources than your vault can hold.  The vault cannot hold silver so don't hold large amounts of silver.  Excess resources invites attack and troop replacement is costly and takes time.  Send excess resources to Juancd5 or the Stronghold. Juan is our clan bank and he will send resources to anyone who asks for them as long as you are online and contribute in some way.  He remains shielded at all times so the resources remain safe.

2.  Mining resources is more efficient from resource locations vice invader lairs.  Also the higher level the resource location, the faster you can extract the resources.  Lastly, you get a bonus item when you empty the resource location to 0, so try to do that.

3. Stay shielded as much as possible. 8 hour Shields are available at the clan store.


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